Help us give the WHOLE film away FOR FREE – in Uzbek and Russian

Every time we make films about Uzbekistan, people write to us suggesting that we also make versions in Uzbek and Russian- in order to reach the people it matters to most.

We would love to do so. But unfortunately it is a question of money: re-editing an 80-minute documentary film, changing it from English to Uzbek and Russian, is expensive if its to be done properly. The cost of translating, dubbing voices, and re-editing runs into thousands of euros.

We have spent seven years, and a lot of our own money, making the English version of this film. Now we're asking for YOUR help.

If you think it is important that the Uzbeks themselves know about the Massacre in Andijan, the oppression of the Karimov regime and the West’s collusion with him – please SUPPORT the translation project. The goal is within three months to collect enough money to make the whole film (80mins) available online in Uzbek and Russian FOR FREE.

If you want to support this ambitious project, please contact us directly or use the payent links below.

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Put your money where your mouth is

If at any point you've thought, that's a good idea, we need your help to make it happen!



* For large organisations and libraries wishing to support this ambitious project, we ask you to get in contact with us directly.

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